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EIZO Corporation is a Japanese visual technology company, founded in March 1968, which manufacturers high-end computer displays. It has its headquarters in Hakusan, Ishikawa Prefecture. Eizo's products portfolio includes Business LCD Monitors (FlexScan Series).

A former employee shares his experience on indeed.com, "Terrible benefits at EIZO [Flexscan]. Haven't had a review or a raise in over two years. Performing two separate jobs. Not enough time to grow either position. No focus on growing the business."


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"Lead me to believe I would get benefits immediately. They just need work for major projects and then dump half the technicians if not all."

Detention Worker (Current Employee) says

"Too many power struggles for those in charge and those wanting to be in charge. Too intimidating for new employees who just got on board with the organization."

Cook (Former Employee) says

"While working under my supervisor i was given the trust i needed to really prove myself and grow as a person and employee. In very little time I was supervising others and training new staff members for their position."

Electrical Apprentice (Former Employee) says

"Not a great experience. Glad to be in washington again. Horrible food, negative and indifferent staff, violent inmates. All in all, I wouldnt recommend it,"

Dinning Room Worker (Former Employee) says

"lame don't work for state of Oregon them paying for housing and food is not worth the lack of freedom in the work environment it would difinetly be my last choice"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"That place was a bad place to work an i would never work there again. It was clean I can say that but I would never go back never. No I would not recommend this job"

Life Insurance Agent (Former Employee) says

"Insurance group I worked under dissolved company, they weren't organized and didn't provide and support, had to share commission as well. Didn't see value in continuing."

Instructor/Tutor (Former Employee) says

"this is not a place to work no management, no work ethic, nothing gets done and pay is very low environment is terrible, very inconsistent, the only thing that was consistent was the inconsistency."

Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"Highly citical management. Negative reinforcement, lonely environment. I did not have clear guidlines as to what my title was it was also excessively frustrating.Make client happyProcessing my own hours for check"

lead cook (Former Employee) says

"It was a very hectic day but we made it through the day. made family style meals for 700 people with different people everyday I learned to teach people things and learned many different things everydaylearned something new everyday, learned how to be flexibleeverything"

Unit Laundry (Former Employee) says

"I was there for almost two years and while i was there i learned a very good trade in the eyeglass field. I am able to read the prescriotions on glasses and send them out to other countries when needed."

Data entry, determine eligibility (Former Employee) says

"People think state jobs are dependable with high pay. That is only true if you are in management. Stressful work days, to low of pay for what you have to do and very poor management that does not give you enough training to do the job.Dependable schedulepoor management, poor pay"

Oregon Health Authority, Program Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I learned something positve from each position i held with the state"

Business & Employment Spec (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed my 15 yrs working for the State of Oregon Employment Dept and all the opportunities that they offered in order to accomplish my career goals. My management years were great because of the opportunity to work with all kinds of different staff members.Great Benefitsnone"

OPA (Former Employee) says

"Not much to say, you go to work you collect a paycheck with this job. You go home then you go back to work, cubicle sweet cubicle, don't rock the boat, don't work to hardGain weight by having endless potlucksGain weight by having endless potlucks"

Lead Launderer (Former Employee) says

"I absolutely HATED working for the state for too many reasons to list. There is no possible senario that i would recommend working for them ever under any circumstances!!"

Child Nutrition (Former Employee) says

"Do you enjoy running on a hamster wheel? Child nutrition involves constantly running, chaos in the workplace, with a very unrealistic workload. My experience with the child nutrition office is cattiness and petty grudges that really make you dread going to work. These positions come up often and these reasons reflect why there is so much turnover. A huge red flag for job seekers.If you enjoy stress, burnout and no work-life balanceJob burnout, cattiness, constant chaos and turnover"

Office Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Was nice to help people who were down on their luck. I have been there and completely understand. Poor management who was unprofessional and incompetent when it came to see the true spirit of their workers and the true heart they had for their job."

clerk (Former Employee) says

"If you are seeking career advancement and opportunities to learn do not apply for a job within the Oregon Judicial Department . It is a place where the old dinosaurs migrate to die! Co-workers that literally do nothing dictate the workflow. Management? What management? Terrible compensation, horrible work conditions, no parking, (not even drinking water to employees) Expect to be punished if you are a new employee and get there 2 minutes past 8 am, however, if you are one of the dinosaurs, you can leave at 3:00 pm to have your hair and nails done."

Program Analyst (Former Employee) says

"No state agency is loyal to their employees! You are just a number! In addition, just know your HR is not for you ever!!! I worked at The Oregon Dept of Revenue for 22 years...take it from me what I say is truth!!!"

Carney (Former Employee) says

"Look elsewhere. Reasonable hours and benefits. Many agencies are poorly managed without accountability from political appointees. Work politics can be toxic."

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